Central Pump Wins Government Contract

Central Pump will remove inspect rebuild and install 3 vertical turbine pumps for the Bureau of Reclamation – GP – ECAO Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel. CPC will remove, inspect and repair the pumps as needed and reinstall.

The Leadville plant processes 1.5-2.5 million gallons of mine drainage water per day to remove heavy metals in accordance with the EPA discharge permit standards. The dewatering pumps provide raw water influent to the treatment plantvia the vertical turbine pumps.

Due to the poor quality, the well screens on wells 1 and 2 and the impellers on all 3 pumps become obstructed over time with metal particulates. Regularly scheduled biannual maintenance for wells 1 and 2 and annual maintenance at well 3 is critical to ensure reliable delivery of raw water to the treatment plant.