Central Pump Company is your supplier of golf course customized pump stations, products and service. We work with golf course superintendents and maintenance personnel to design custom pump stations to meet your golf course needs. We also service and sell parts to keep the system reliable and in good working order. CPC has technicians to troubleshoot electrical, control, pump and motor issues. We can pull, repair and install pumps, motors, clay valves etc… to keep you pump station running.

A pump station can only pump the water that reaches the pumps. CPC can design and build wet wells, infiltration systems, ponds, ditches and install pipeline to be sure the proper amount of water is available to meet your pumping needs.

As the water exits the pump station the quality of water can impair your sprinkler system’s ability to provide water where it is needed. CPC can design and install filter systems to remove sand dirt and contaminants that clog sprinkler heads resulting in inefficient irrigation.