Watertronics Pump Stations

Watertronics pump station

Watertronics Pump stations

Central Pump Company is your supplier of golf course customized pump stations, products and service. We work with golf course superintendents and maintenance personnel to design custom pump stations to meet your golf course needs. We also service and sell parts to keep the system reliable and in good working order. CPC has technicians to troubleshoot electrical, control, pump and motor issues. We can pull, repair and install pumps, motors, clay valves etc… to keep you pump station running.

A pump station can only pump the water that reaches the pumps. CPC can design and build wet wells infiltration systems, ponds, ditches and install pipeline to be sure the proper amount of water is available to meet you pumping needs.

As the water exits the pump station the quality of water can impair your sprinkler systems ability to provide water where it is needed. CPC can design and install filter systems to remove sand dirt and contaminates that clog sprinkler heads resulting in inefficient irrigation.

Customized Pump Stations

Central Pump Company is proud to be a Pump Service Network provider and sales channel for Watertronics. As a PSN CPC employs technicians with a wide range of experience servicing all types of pumping systems. They specialize in servicing pumps, motors, controls, valves, filtration, chemical injection, and telemetry. Beyond Watertronics pump stations, we provide service and parts sales to any customer, regardless of their pump station’s age, configuration or brand. Need a new pump station CPC will help spec out a new customized solution to meet your golf course needs.


Quality is engineered into every Watertronics pump station. Watertronics pumps are designed with 201 stainless steel impellers and porcelain-lined bowls designed to reduce impeller wear extending service life and efficiency. Mechanical seals are utilized to eliminate shaft ware extending pump life. Climate-controlled NEMA 4 Cabinet reduces moisture and high temperatures that cause electrical components to fail prematurely. Our Pump Stations are built with a Long-lasting seamless skid free of welding seams or cracks and is designed to prevent rust and corrosion keeping your pump station looking new for years to come. A quality engineered custom pump station by Watertronics is an investment that will allow golf course superintendents and maintenance personnel to focus on other important aspects of golf maintenance.

Quality is backed by Warranty:


Quality Assurance

All pump stations are tested at Watertronics test station before shipping. Technicians run test the station to stress tests confirming pump performance, motor reliability, proper operation of electronic butter fly valves and contacts. When a pump station leaves the factory we know it will meet the specification it was designed for and defects are detected before shipping.

Industry Leader

Watertronics perfected the application of computer controls to the motor actuated butterfly valve, creating the EBV. Watertronics holds the patent on this unique technology. Because each pump is individually regulated, no other system can match the EBV at regulating pressure, anticipating and eliminating surges, eliminating check valve slam, and preventing pump and motor overload.

  • Reliable and efficient pressure regulation
  • Completely eliminates pump start/ stop surges
  • Assures that 100% of pump column air is purged before it enters the irrigation system
  • Compliments VFD controls by pressure regulating each across the line pump as needed
  • 100% backup pressure regulation in the event of a VFD fault


Monitor and control your Watertronics Pump Station from and device with WATERVISION 6. Optimize Wire-to-Water efficiency by monitoring and trending both power consumption and the quality of incoming power. Monitor Pump and motor performance to determine if the pump or motor are showing signs of issues. Information can be viewed online by CPC technicians for quicker analysis and troubleshooting.