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Reinke Pivot Systems

Central Pump Company has been a Reinke Dealer for over 20 years. CPC and Reinke have worked well over the years because of the similarities that bind us together.

Quality, Service, and an industry leader.

Reinke is one of the largest pivot manufactures in the world. We have an irrigation system to fit your needs and budget. From a basic pivot to a high-tech system communicating outside of this world. Reinke Manufacturing has an irrigation system for you.

Reinke Manufacturing takes great pride in providing a superior engineered product to perform better than the competition and provide a better return on investment (ROI). Reinke systems are manufactured with high strength steel. The high strength steel is not only stronger but lighter then competitive products such as Valley, Zimmatic, Pierce and T&L. Reinke pivots are stronger than the heavier materials used on competitive systems even though they are lighter. Weighing less comes with a host of great benefits, such as reduced wear on the system drive train an critical components and improved system flotation which reduces rutting issues in the field.

The Reinke Flex Joint 

The patented internal flex joint provides up to 45 degrees of rotational flex for challenging terrain. This design also reduces the stress on the spans of the system, allowing flex in all directions without stretching the boot. The internal  flex joint also extends the boot life. The tower top hook and receiver are separate components, independent of the actual span pipe. So, if a crash were to occur, these components or the tower leg will typically be sacrificed, protecting the span pipe and minimizing repair costs.

Reinke Pivot Point Advantage

The Reinke Pivot system is designed with long lasting durability in mind. The picture below shows the clean appealing look of the pivot point and standard features on Reinke systems. The 18” Pivot Center Bearing is the largest in the industry providing a stable point of rotation for years to come. The large sweeping elbow at the top and bottom of the pivot reduces friction to increase efficiencies.

Reinke Pivot Point Advantage

Reinke Pivot Point Advantage


Tower Strength & Weight advantage

At one time Reinke had a tower design similar to the competition, but then Reinke engineers developed a better way. The single leg C-channel design is lighter, stronger and just as stable as any other design. It rates at 60,000 psi yield strength, tracks lighter on soils and is less intrusive to the crop and water application. The picture below shows the difference between the C-channel and the inferior angle iron utilized by the competition.


Reinke is confident in their superior design and world class manufacturing and it shows in the warranty. The structure is backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty. Wheel gear warranty is backed by a 10yr/10,000 hr full gear replacement and the pipe connection seal has a 25 yr warranty on the V ring seal. Valley and Zimmatic only have a 2 and 1 year warranty respectively.

The superior engineering, innovative culture and industry leading warranty are a few reasons why Central Pump Company has been a Reinke Distributor for more than 25 years.

More information on the Reinke advantage can be view in the document “THE REINKE DIFFERENCE A Structural Comparison” located in the documents section to the right of this page.


Reinke Mini Pivot

The Reinke Engine Driven Mini Pivot is ideal for smaller fields. When configured to be towable, the Engine Driven Mini Pivot can be moved quickly using a pickup or small tractor. You set the speed at a constant rate, and because you choose from a 30:1, 40:1 or 60:1 center drive gearbox, you can determine the maximum application rate for your system to match your soil type. Choose from a wide range of span lengths and end booms with a maximum system length up to 318′.

Pipe Options 

  • Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chromium Nickel+
  • Aluminum