Sprinkler Products

Dosing Pumps

dosing-pumps-for sprinklers-pageFertigation and chemical injection pumps are critical to farming and golf courses. CPC is the authorized distributor for ITC. We have a complete line of electric, magnetic and hydraulic injection pumps. ITC provides dosing pumps for flows ranging from 2.5 l/h to 2000l/h, and maximum pressure up to 20 bar. We can design a pump to meet a complete range of chemicals and flows. ITC has Membrane and piston pumps specially designed for the dosing of all type of chemicals and products whether corrosive, toxic or highly viscous, for golf and agriculture applications.



CPC is an authorized distributor of major brands of pumps utilized for irrigation. We pull, repair, sell pumps for all types of applications. From Low to high flow applications to systems with thousands of feet of head. No system is too small or big for CPC. CPC has designed and installed irrigation pumps and motors for deep and wet wells, Low lift applications as well as centrifugal close couple pumps.

Pump Products:

• American Marsh
• Berkeley
• American
• Goulds Xylem
• Franklin
• Fairbanks Morse

Motor & VFD Products

CPC is an authorized distributor of major brands of motors utilized in irrigation of farms, ranches and golf courses. We sell motors for all types of applications, Vertical hollow shaft pumps, close couple centrifugal, frame mount, SAR mount, fire pump and submersible. We carry TEFC and ODP motors as well as high efficiency
motors. For the farm & Ranch community we carry a full line of farm duty motors for fan applications and auger drives. No motor is too small or large we have access to low voltage motors single and 3-Phase from 1/8 – 2,500 HP as well as large medium voltage motors. CPC also carries Variable Frequency Drivers for low voltage applications from .25 – 2,500 HP and soft starters to reduce energy consumption improve process quality and increase productivity.

vfd-products CPC carries the following brands:

• GE • US Motor • WEG
• Regal Beloit • Marathon Electric • Leeson


CPC can supply a motor for any application

Flow Meter Products

Flow meters are a necessary part of the operation of golf courses, farms and ranches. CPC has the ability to sell and install new meters. We also have certified professionals to certify your meter. We have the latest technology ultrasonic meter and trained professionals to certify flow meters. If your meter is not reading correctly we can remove the meter and have it repaired to meet specs. We are a distributor of McCrometer, Seametrics and Senninger providing solutions for all irrigation applications.


Our service department is equipped with the latest technology and training to provide your company with a quality job. We install all types of pumps and motors, perform condition monitoring and trouble shooting of your pumping system. Our certified pump installers have 30 years’ experience to perform pump efficiency studies and design a pumping system from a system approach to meet your pumping needs.
• Install / remove deep well turbine, submersible, centrifugal Pumps
• Well rehab / restoration
• Well inspection video camera
• Perform pump efficiency studies
• Motor Testing
• Laser Alignment
• Remove and install motors
• Pump design
• VFDs install / program


Our experienced pump and motor repair personnel will dissemble, inspect and measure all components for proper fit and function. The machine shop will trim impellers to the proper size to meet system needs and maximize efficiencies. Bearings, seals, impellers, bowls and other components are in stock to reduce turnaround time and get your pump back on line. Our rewind shop can repair random wound motors up to 300 Hp vertical hollow shaft and horizontal motors.

Pipe Line

CPC’S pipeline crew has the equipment and knowledge to install all different types of pipe in pump rooms or underground. We have a backhoe, trencher and a track hoe to install and repair pipe of all sizes underground. We sell PVC and metal pipe of all sizes as well as gates, check valves, butterfly and screw valves. CPC’s welding staff can install and provide sweeping elbows, 90 and 45 degree elbows. We can also install flow meters and pressure gauges. CPC has a solution for your pipeline needs.