Pumps and Motor Products

Count on 30 years of service!

Whether you require pumps to regulate water or draw water from wells, we have a wide range of domestic pumps and pumps for home use that you can choose from. Help us in making your life easier by calling our staff to decide on what type of pump best suits your home needs or domestic needs. We have components for the pumps so servicing your pumps is made easy with us around!

Pumps and motor products from famous brands!

• VIS Industrial Submersible Pumps from Goulds Pumps
• Submersible Deep Well Pumps from Franklin Electric

Worried about maintaining your domestic pumps and motors?

Installation of new pumps, repairs and maintenance; all under one roof! In addition to the wide variety of branded pumps that we sell, we are also experienced to offer repairs and maintenance services for your convenience! Don’t fret the next time your domestic pumps malfunction, call us for repairs and services. You can even call our experienced staff for regular inspections to make sure your equipment functions smoothly.

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